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The Off-Site Meeting is the ninth episode of season two of Dilbert and the twenty-second of the series.


Dilbert has problems with his noisy neighbors.


The episode begins with Dilbert having trouble sleep due to his neighbor windchimes making too much loud noise, so he decides to talk to them, who are revealed to be an elderly couple who seems to have travel the world a few times. Dilbert pleaded with them to keep it down due to his busy day at work and they argue to do it, however instead the couple started doing a loud dancing chant, keeping Dilbert awake even more. After complaining about them keeping him away, Dilbert discovered that the couple had order an elephant, which went on Dilbert's lawn, despite his objection.

The next morning, a news report is shown when a man name Elmer Oakly, who tells the press that he and his tree lover society members are suing a company for cutting down trees and turning them into paper. It was later revealed that the company is actually Path-E-Tech Management, the company that Dilbert works for. Confuse about why tree huggers are suing them due to the company not harming tree, Pointy-Haired Boss revealed that they do as it was Alice's idea, which she tried to deny that it wasn't her fault. Turns out that she got the idea from bench marketing a company that makes paper by harming forest, this was due to the fact that the company had great training program, fully automatic systems and excellent management, which was thought to a good idea, until the Tree Lovers Society got word of what happened and plans to sue them for harming trees.