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The Merger is episode 7 of season 2. An Alien Corporation merges with Path-E-Tech Management to devour their brains.


The Pointy-Haired Boss is convinced their company needs to merge with another company to help them spend their excess money and as a bonus gain some "Synergy". Dogbert is hired as a merger consultant to help them seek a company that they can merge with. Dogbert, Dilbert and the boss go out to a bar where CEOs hang out called Senor Management and when the bar closes they find only one CEO left that they can merge with, the CEO of an alien corporation called "Brainsuck Industries".

At the office, Dilbert discovers that Wally has been repurposed into a door troll for Catbert, Alice is attending a seminar, Loud Howard is frozen inside a block of ice, and everyone else is begin hypnotized by BrainSuck Industries executives so the can devour they brains. Upon learning of Loud Howard's situation, Asok releases him from the closet and attempts to give him mouth-to-mouth; because of Howard's large mouth he instead becomes lodged in their.

Mordac the preventer of Information Services and Walter the Budget Man arrive at Catbert's office and Wally greets them. They begin to make fun of Wally, as he had previously revealed his plan to use the chaos surrounding the merger to suck the stockholders dry to them, and the laughed at their ineffectuality; all the managers would be to scared to take any suggestions.