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Dilbert: Escape from CubevilleDilbert: The Complete Series
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Elbonian Left Handed Liberation Front and Slow Pitch Softball TeamElbonian Missile Program
Elbonian PoliceElbonian Presidential PalaceElbonian Treasury Representative
Elbonian Trip
EthicsExcuse Me While I WagEye-Crud
FredFree EnergyFrench-Elbonian War
Get Rich or Get Out of My WayGolden Egg CEOGrim Downsizer
Grim ReaperGruntMeister7000
Hammerhead BobHappiness Comittee
HumphreyHungerISO 9000
I Can't Remember if We're Cheap or SmartIncredulous Ed
InfomercialIowa Corn Treaty of 1837Irene
Irv KlepfurdIrv Klepfurd's Retirement CelebrationJackie Hoffman
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Path-E-Tech Management HeadphonesPath-E-Tech Management Test AreaPete
Phil, the Prince of Insufficient LightPinecone Celebration Day
Pointy-Haired BossPointy-Haired Boss' DaughterPointy-Haired Carl
Pointy Haired Boss' SonPregnancyProcurement
Project LuserProject ZebraQS-9000
RatbertRex TangleRobot
Rufus T. SkwerrelSally (Meeting)
Scams, Shams and Failed PlansScott Adams
Secret Society of Executive SecretariesSeven Years of Highly Defective PeopleShipping
Single-Task BobSmall Business OwnerSmart Missile
Sneezing AliceSnowballSourpuss
Space ElevatorSpeak to Your SuperiorSquiddler's Patch
StanSteaming Pile of FailureSteve
SvenTaylor CerberusTeam Lena
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Texas Senator ( Holiday)The "Meeting Moth"
The AfterlifeThe AssistantThe Buck-Passer
The CEOThe Competition
The DeliveryThe Dupey
The Dupey (character)The Exactly ManThe Fact
The GarbagemanThe GiftThe Gruntmaster 6000
The Highly Productive But Useless GuyThe Knack (episode)The Merger
The NameThe Non-Credible GuyThe Off-Site Meeting
The PoetThe Police OfficerThe Prototype
The ReturnThe Sales CallThe Security Guard
The Shroud of WallyThe TakeoverThe Trial
The Unluckiest Plant in the Whole WorldThe Virtual EmployeeThe World's Fastest Worker
ToddTony (convict)Too Old
TopperTower of BabelToxic Tom
TransylboniaTry Rebooting YourselfUnethical Scientist
Unidentified CEO Number 1Unidentified CEO Number 2Unidentified CEO Number 3
VernVice President of Human ResourcesVijay the Venture Capitalist
Wally's Mud CultWally (afterlife)Wallyites
Walter the Budget ManWeaselsWhat Would Wally Do?
When Body Language Goes BadWibster's DicshunaryWyoming Senator (Holiday)
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