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"Ooh-waa-waa! I'm Single-Task Bob. I'm Single-Task Bob. I can't multitask, I can only do one job


Single-Task Bob sings his theme song


Single-Task Bob is a worker at Path-E-Tech. He has only been seen in the June 1st, 2003 strip here.


He's apparently notorious for his inability to multitask, annoying coworkers (including Alice) by being incapable of doing more than one job at a time.

As A Character[]

In his single appearance, Alice asks Single-Task Bob for his revenue projections. Bob refuses, saying he's doing his e-mail and can't do two things at once. But instead, he offers Alice his song instead. This angers Alice, who screams at him to just give the binder that's on his desk. Bob turns away and scoffs, saying "Sure, and I guess my email can just read itself, right?" Alice is seen trying to control the Fist of Death, but it's unclear if she uses it, as in the next panel, Alice is gone, and Bob says "Reading goes quickly when you don't slow down to comprehend." Single-Task Bob hasn't appeared in the comic since.