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The management and HR department of Path-E-Tech are constantly making illogical, sadistic or simply evil polices, often with funny results. Most have flimsy reasoning, but are loosely connected

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  • Announcement of abandoning a strategy of making good products to "pursue a desperate strategy of mergers, business spinoffs, fruitless partnerships and random reorganizations" (upon which announcement, the stock price rose by 3pts)13-Sep-96 to 14-Sep-96


  • 5 minute huddle at 10am each morning to discuss progress. 15-Apr-08 to 16-Apr-08
  • Becoming a "hands-on manager" (left a bit, right, right, click! no!!!!)Unreferenced


Catbert, as the evil director of HR, comes up with many evil policies to enforce on employees. His policies have included:

  • All employees must wear shoes that are one size smaller than their feet.Unreferenced
  • Changing job titles to reduce turnover.
    • Wally > Convicted Felon 23-Jul-97
    • PHB > Director of Learned Helplessness 24-Jul-97
  • All engineers must strap a broom to their buttocks.Unreferenced
  • Eating is not allowed in cubicles.Unreferenced
  • Mandatory lunchtime meetings on the subject of work-life balance.Unreferenced
  • Calling rubbing his belly a "health benefit" and cutting everyone's salary.Unreferenced
  • Making everyone wear a "patented head cubicle"15-Sep-96

Elsewhere in the Company[]

People not mentioned[]

  • Having a Corporate merger with human-eating aliens 25-Apr-08

Dogbert's Jobs[]

Dogbert has had many jobs, including:

  • Task Force Manager1
  • Venture Capitalist1
  • Financial Advisor1
  • Talk Show Host1
  • Headhunter1
  • Advert Agency1
  • Tech Support Officer1
  • School for Technology Imbeciles1
  • Seminar on Management Zombies1
  • Network Administrator 2-Sep-96 to 7-Sep-96
  • Teambuilder 9-Sep-96 to 12-Sep-96

All those marked with a 1 are in You Don't Need Experience if You've Got Attitude.