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Path-E-Tech Management is the company where Dilbert, Dogbert, Wally, Alice, Asok, Tina, the Pointy-Haired Boss, Carol, Loud Howard, Catbert, and many others work. It's low-level employees are grossly underpaid and work long hours. The company is either based or has offices in a building shown in both the cartoon strips and TV series.

The management in the company is horrible and the products are awful. Despite all of this, the company has been successful and made lots of money, becoming a multi-billion dollar company. According to the Pointy-Haired Boss, this is because their customers are even dumber than they are.

It is unnamed in the strip, but the TV series reveals its name as Path-E-Tech Management, resulting from a merger between Path-Way Electronics and E-Tech Management, a play on the word "pathetic", but when Dogbert acquired it later in the episode, there was a "Dogbert Inc." sign being lifted into place. Dogbert is later mentioned as selling the company for "not quite $100 billion".

Despite apparently not paying well, when the employee's homes such as Dilbert's when seen in the television series seem nice. There are several known divisions: Engineering, where Dilbert, Wally, Loud Howard, Alice and Asok work, marketing which tends to be a rival of the engineering groups, Human Resources, whose only known employees are Catbert and a couple of trolls, Accounting, Shipping, where all the engineers worked for one day, Information Services, ruled by Mordac, the preventer of Information Services, and Procurement, a division that refuses to help employees .

In Ethics, Wally revealed that the company had crime family connections.


  • The name given in the TV Series sums up the company's biggest problem, pathetic management.