Ming (Full title Webmistress Ming) was the Web Designer for Path-E-Tech Management.


After the previous web designer quit Path-E-Tech Management because they were all idiots, Ming became the new web designer for the company. At first she had a rough go of things because the Pointy-Haired Boss knew little about the internet, and her male co-workers found a perverse joy in criticizing errors in her web design, such as broken links and slow graphics.

She would later develop a relationship with Mordac the preventer of Information Services, but this would end up falling apart as the Pointy-Haired Boss moved the Web Mistress function to I.S., thus making Mordac Ming's boss.

Later, Dilbert would ask Ming out on a date, but Ming would describe it as "the worst date ever." According to a schematic of office politics created by Dilbert later, Ming carpooled with Tina and took yoga classes with Carol.

Ming hasn't been seen in the comic since 2001.

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