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Icon Name Description Status
Alice Alice Alice is the only female engineer at Path-E-Tech Management Corporation, and as such is very opposed to the feminist views of the company. Extant
Asok the intern Asok The young, eager Indian intern Extant
Bob Bob and Dawn Bob and Dawn (and their son Rex) are dinosaurs who were discovered after Dilbert figured out that dinosaurs were not extinct, just hiding. Bob: Semi-regular
Dawn: Extinct
Catbert Catbert The evil feline director of Human Resources Extant
Dilbert Dilbert The protagonist, Dilbert, is a frustrated engineer who tries to find logic and righteousness in an evil and crazy business world Extant
Dogbert Dogbert Dilbert's so-called "pet" dog is a powerful and corrupt individual who seeks world dominance Extant
Garbageman icon The Garbageman The World's Smartest Garbageman. A mysterious philosopher and inventor who often helps Dilbert to solve the trickiest of technical and philosophical obstacles. Occasionally Recurring Minor
Loud Howard Loud Howard An extremely loud well meaning yet extremely gullible engineer Occasionally Recurring Minor
Pointy-Haired Boss Pointy-Haired Boss A phenomenally stupid manager with no common sense Extant
Ratbert Ratbert The dim-witted, overly optimistic rat who just wants to be loved Extant
Tina Tina A technical writer who resents the engineers because they do not respect her. Extant
Wally icon Wally A lazy coffee-addicted engineer who is highly skilled at doing no work and still avoiding punishment from the boss. He is also Dilbert's friend and a mentor figure to Asok. Extant

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