Elbonian Trip

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Dilbert, Alice, Wally, Dogbert and the Pointy-Haired Boss take a business trip to Elbonia.


Dilbert and his co-workers take a business trip to Elbonia. Dogbert, worried for Dilbert, becomes the U.S. ambassador to Elbonia. On their trip there, the group flies on a crummy aircraft owned by Elbonian Airlines. Dilbert, Alice, and Wally fly in First Class which is even worse than normal Economy Class, while the Pointy-Haired Boss flies in Coach, otherwise known as the wing. Upon arriving in Elbonia, they find everything in mud. Wally then goes playing in the mud, due to the close relationship with mud as a toddler. The group soon arrive at their hotel and settle in. The Pointy-Haired Boss then starts taking photos, which Elbonians think the action will take their souls. Not long afterwards, they start inspecting the factory where the Gruntmaster 6000 is manufactured, which turns out to be a sweatshop for left handed people, which are considered inferior to the righties. While touring the daycare facilities, Alice and Dilbert finds the babies working on the assembly line. Angry, Alice adopts one of the unshaved babies. For dinner, Dilbert and Alice meet with the dictator for dinner and discuss the work conditions. Due to the fact that Dilbert is left-handed, he is unable to describe the factory to the officials. Later, Alice needs to tend to her baby leaving Dilbert on his own. Determined to have the lefties receive rights, he organizes the workers union to go on strike, but they run, and Dilbert is left to to face a firing squad. Luckily since the the squad was aimed very inaccurately, the bullets bounced off the wall behind Dilbert wounding the squad and a reporter. Meanwhile, Wally becomes a prophet on mud. During his second execution by the giant mud ball, Dogbert comes just in time and then asks the dictator to take off his clothes and free Dilbert. Dogbert then becomes the née dictator. At work, the boss gives a slideshow on his trip and claims Elbonia is no longer a fourth world country but a three and three quarters world country.

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