Dilbert Wiki
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Creator: Scott Adams
Portrayer: Jackie Hoffman

Dilmom is the mother of Dilbert and the wife of Dadbert.


On the surface, Dilmom is a sweet old lady who dotes on her son, doing things like baking cookies and other "grandmotherly" things. However, beneath the sweet old lady exterior is a technological genius. It's clear that Dilbert's technological prowess is inherited from his mother.

She often tends to be sarcastic and ridicules her son for his lack of accomplishments at work. Dilbert however, more often than not, gives as well as he gets, mocking his mother for things like her inability to cook or her usage of counterfeit vowels at her Scrabble Club. She's also notorious as a "bad shopper," apparently having bought and returned over one thousands items to the department store she shops at (including a scarf she's bought and returned seventeen times).