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Dilbert: Escape from Cubeville is a board game created by Screenlife. 


How to play[]

The game begins by randomly arranging the 49 "cubicle" tiles in a 7x7 grid, which forms the maze. Setting up the tiles properly can take a couple of minutes, and can sometimes become a bit tedious. But since the tiles are shuffled and placed randomly, players never play through the same maze twice -- each game experience is unique.

Once the cubicle maze has been set up, it's a race to escape the dreariness of office life. Each player selects a starting point and begins navigating their way through the maze, from one side to the other. Players move around the board by playing movement cards, which tell you how many spaces you can advance.

Opponents can play special cards that rotate tiles and throw the player off course. This adds an element of strategy to the game. With each turn, players can manipulate the maze to clear your own path or obstruct an opponent's path. Players can even deliver them right into the Pointy-Haired Boss's clutches -- cutthroat corporate competition at its finest.

Items that come with the board game[]

49 cubicle tiles, 60 movement cards, boss mover, 4 player movers (Dilbert, Alice, Asok, and Wally), 4 exit tokens, instructions sheet, and six-sided Dilbert die.


Some of the pieces used for the game.

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