Dilbert has made many inventions, here is a list of them.

Sonic Obliterator

The Sonic Obliterator is one of Dilbert's inventions. Dilbert claims it can "Blast a Buffalo into random particles in half a nanosecond". Once Dogbert got a hold of it, he wreaked havoc across the city. Dogbert had to use the Sonic Obliterator to blast through buildings to get away from the Police, the FBI, and the National Guard.


Dilbert once, in the strip, built a flying saucer. Dogbert then stole it and attempted to conquer Elbonia. However, he was brought down by a "smart missile", which asked him "if he watched PBS last night".

Other Inventions

The following inventions are less noticeable or not officially named.

Ring Computer

In one strip Dilbert tells Dogbert he has built a ring with a computer in it which displays only one character at a time.

Computer Programs

Here is a list of Computer Programs Dilbert has made.

Bob (right), Dawn (left), and their child Rex (center)

Dinosaur Program

In the first appearance of Bob and Dawn, Dilbert creates a program that calculates

What happened after the meteor hit the Earth, the program calculated that the dinosaurs are not extinct, just hiding.

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