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Dick was an employee of Path-E-Tech. He worked in Procurement. He was a jerk, but ultimately it came back to him as he was crushed by Dogbert's float in the Dogbert Day Parade.

His list of crimes:[]

  • Slurping coffee loudly
  • Stealing office supplies
  • Leaving the toilet seat up at home
  • Leaving the toilet seat down at work
  • Taking the last 3 donuts
  • Smashing Dilbert's car window
  • Smashing Dilbert's right taillight
  • Crushing Dilbert's car


Dick, as his name implies, is a very reckless and sadistic person who cares little for the impact his actions have on others, making him a textbook sociopath. He is also cowardly, running from Dilbert every time he was confronted.



Dick's cameo.

  • Dick also made a cameo before his first major appearance as one of the attendees at Wally's birthday party in "The Shroud of Wally". He appeared in the picture talking to Ask.