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Comp-u-comp was a super computer who operated a shipping company made up of mostly robots.


Not much is known about Comp-u-Comp before Dilbert bought a custom computer from him. After Dilbert did not receive the computer he ordered, he embarked on a quest to get it.

Dilbert managed to get through several layers of robotic bureaucracy to finally get a human on the phone, but he was one of Dilbert's co-workers hired by Comp-u-Comp. Dilbert was able to get the location of Comp-u-Comp from his co-worker, and traveled to a warehouse in the desert with Wally, Alice, Asok, and Loud Howard.

The computer challenged Dilbert to chess, racquetball, and scrabble. If Dilbert won, Comp-u-Comp would give him the computer he ordered. If Comp-u-comp won, he would download their brains and dispose of the bodies. Dogbert arrived with supplies and the games began. As Dilbert and Comp-u-Comp played each other, Dogbert discovered the computer's power plug. The security guard in the plug room informed Dogbert that he was "the last living human in this company.", implying that Comp-u-Comp killed or downsized the others. Dogbert then tricked the guard into leaving, so he could unplug Comp-u-Comp. This allowed Dilbert to grab the computer he ordered.