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Gender Male
Species: Human
Creator: Scott Adams
First: The Name
Portrayer: Tom Kenny

Asok the intern

Asok is a highly skilled and grossly underpaid Indian intern at Path-E-Tech. He often solves difficult problems in a few seconds, but for some strange reason despite years of working at Dilbert's company, he is still naïve to the cruelties and politics of the business world. As a result, he often ends up being the scapegoat for his coworkers' schemes.

Despite many years as an intern and performing the functions of a senior engineer, Asok has been denied permission to be a regular employee and the usage of company resources for his work. Asok is paid so little he has to live and have holidays at the company, eat sponges (many of which have absorbed food-related stains) and drink dishwater.

Lately, Wally has become a sort of bizarre mentor to the innocent Asok, teaching him the ways of laziness, cynicism and the office. Asok is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, the most challenging university on the planet. There, he learned on how to sleep only on holidays. Asok also seems to possess psychic abilities. He can reheat his coffee by placing the cup on his head and thinking of fire, but he also says he no longer does it because it would freak people out.

He is so poor that he can only afford to take vacations inside the workplace. In the Animated Series episode "Holiday", he saved up enough to vacation in the handicapped stall in the 3rd floor men's bathroom.


  • His exact age is unknown, though he seems to be the youngest worker at the company.
  • Asok is the only openly gay character in the comics, done in protest by the creator of Dilbert Scott Adams due to India upholding a British Indian-era law of outlawing homosexuality.