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Anti-Dilbert was a being similar to Dilbert from a parallel antimatter universe. He was essentially, the reverse of Dilbert. He was brought into existence by Dilbert's Particle Accelerator. Dilbert brought him to Path-E-Tech Management initially because Anti-Dilbert idolized the Pointy-Haired Boss. This was due to the fact that he thought the exact opposite of whatever the regular Dilbert thought. He then encountered Wally and Alice. The latter inadvertently killed him.


Anti-Dilbert was from a parallel universe made of antimatter. In his universe, everything was exactly opposite from the matter universe. For example, their Wally was a billionaire entrepreneur and adventure, who supposedly met his end trying to swim to the South Pole.

Encountering the Matter Universe[]


Anti-Dilbert is summoned into existence

Dilbert, the matter counterpart of Anti-Dilbert, summoned him into existence using his particle accelerator. He was unsure how to approach the problem of removing his antimatter counterpart from the accelerator, as he would be completely annihilated upon contact with matter. To solve this problem, he discussed it with The Garbageman, who informed him of the solution; As each were exact opposites, each would know everything the other didn't. Thus, anti-Dilbert knew the solution to their problem. He simply had to apply Matterscreen SPF 50, and it would protect him from the matter.

Path-E-Tech Management[]

Dilbert than took Anti-Dilbert to his workplace because he wished to meet the PHB. This was because he thought the exact opposite of everything Dilbert was thinking. Dilbert introduced his counterpart to the PHB, likening Anti-Dilbert's idolization to the way they saw Oprah. Anti-Dilbert then asked the PHB to hold him.


Anti-Dilbert then met Wally. He explained to he engineer how his universe's Wally was  a billionaire entrepreneur and adventure, who supposedly met his end trying to swim to the South Pole. He remarked that evolution killed the strong in his universe. The final Matter human Anti-Dilbert encountered was Alice. He made the mistake of telling her who he was and how he could die; washing the Matterscreen off of his body. Alice than threw coffee on him, removing the Matterscreen, and effectively killing him. She later told Dilbert that he looked happy about dying, though.