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Alice 300
Name: Alice
Gender Female
Species: Human
Creator: Scott Adams
First: The Name
Portrayer: Kathy Griffin (original series, uncredited)
Jennifer Darling (shorts)


Alice is the female engineer coworker of Dilbert.


Alice is, by far, the hardest-working employee at Path-E-Tech. She's also the highest paid (at times), and is a serious overachiever, which often puts her at odds with Wally and his apathetic laziness. She is quick to anger, and very often has to "control her fist of Fist of Death," which she often uses to devastating effect on her co-workers. "Fist of Death" aside, she also employs other acts of physical violence, such as hitting someone's head down into their torso, stuffing Asok into his shirt sleeve, or snapping a man's suspenders so hard it launched him into next week.

She suffers a chronic case of "Mahjobis Crappus", which makes her feel sick every morning, and all day long, she feels like either crying or punching people.


Alice has an average build with fair skin, dot eyes, and dark brown hair which is styled into an unusual triangular haircut. Her most iconic attire consists of a white plain shirt, business jacket, pencil skirt, and high heels, the latter 3 being in the same color, usually pink or red, but she has worn other colors too. She also wore pink or red lipstick.

2014-present, she now wears a plain polo shirt of any color, black trousers, black shoes, and a lanyard. She no longer wears lipstick

Evolution of Alice[]

Alice's first appearance was in the August 5th, 1991 strip. She was a lot different back then, both in appearance and in personality. Her first appearance was as the focus of a three-day storyline involving her as a pregnant woman in a company without any maternity leave policy. She would ultimately give birth next to the Xerox machine, and named the baby "Butt Head," after her boss.


The Proto-Alice would only make bit appearances over the next few years, with her hair gradually evolving into the pyramid shape it has today. Alice's brutal personality began to emerge starting in 1994, where she pounded the pointy haired boss on the head after taking offense to his comment about her not needing sensitivity training because "women already know this stuff. It's as natural as shopping and crying."

By 1995, Alice as we know her today emerged, complete with take-no-crap attitude, violent streak, and dedication to working hard.




  • An "Alice" is referred to in a story about Dilbert's reaction to a new baby that was brought to the office in the May 20th, 1989 strip. It is unclear if this is the same Alice that came later.
  • Kathy Griffin was uncredited for her role as Alice in the TV series because she had a contract with another network.